First day of the AMPAM project for prevention and health promotion

First meeting of the AMPAM project on cardiovascular prevention in the Republic of San Marino by the Order of Malta

On May 25, 2024, the first appointment of the AMPAM project took place in front of the State Hospital of the Republic of San Marino thanks to the agreement between Dr. Mariella Mularoni, Secretary of State for Health, and the Embassy of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta to the Republic of San Marino.
The project includes eight appointments spread across the territory of San Marino to prevent and promote cardiovascular health and will take place within a tensile structure of the mobile clinic of the Embassy of the Order of Malta. The project implements the cardiovascular prevention activities conducted by the Institute for Social Security of San Marino and the San Marino cardiologists. This project focuses on the compilation of an information sheet reporting the values ​​of a free screening of blood pressure, possible atrial fibrillation and cholesterol to be delivered by San Marino citizens to their doctors.