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Holy Mass in Honour of Saint John the Baptist

In the Oratory dedicated to St. John the Baptist in San Marino, a Holy Mass has been celebrated to honour the Solemnity of the Birth of the Order of Malta's Patron


The Ambassador Held a Speech During an International Conference in San Marino

H.E. Amb. Celestini hold a speech on the Order of Malta's Humanitarian Diplomacy at the «International Conference on Knightly Orders and Award Systems in the reality of the XXI Century»


Investiture ceremony of the new Regency of the Republic of San Marino

H.E. the Amb. Marcello Celestini sent on behalf of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta to the new Captains Regent, the LL. AND AND. Alessandro Scarano and Adele Tonnini, on the occasion of the inauguration ceremony on 1 April 2023.

International news


New medical mission in the Dominican Republic by the Order of Malta Cuban Association

A team of 80 doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and volunteers recently returned from a medical mission in the Dominican Republic where – sponsored by the Cuban Association of the Order of Malta…


Grand Master receives Collar of the Most Holy Annunciation

His Royal Highness, Prince Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy, presented Fra’ John Dunlap, Prince and 81st Grand Master of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, with the Collar of the Supreme…


A full agenda of meetings for the Grand Chancellor at the United Nations

During his visit to the United Nations in New York for the opening session of the General Assembly, the Grand Chancellor, Riccardo Paternò di Montecupo, held a number of bilateral…